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 Ed                                        Lou 

Lou - Cofounder and Chief Visionary Officer of BeerShack


Louis began homebrewing in order to quen

ch his desire for Great Beer. And so for years both he and his brother Ed toiled and tinkered with brewing kits, malt extract, mini mashing, growing their own ingredients (hops, barley, etc), and finall

y strictly all grain brewing in 2007 and beyond. Soon after, Louis and Ed began producing award winning beers, winning a total of 87 Medals (club total end of 2010) in BJCP Sanctioned Homebrewing

competitions across the country. In 2009 they formed The BeerShack Brewers homebrew club (, and received the honour of The Great Canadian Homebrew Competition's Best of Show. In summer 2

010, they achieved The Canadian Homebrewer of the Year Trophy

(see for further details).

In addition to these achievements, Louis, seeking to further hone his skills, finally becoming a Recognized Beer Judge via the BJCPCertification Program in early 2008, scoring 83% in the tasting portion of the BJCP Exam. Since then Louis has judged in many BJCP sanctioned competitions, including The Ontario Brewing Awards and The Canadian Brewing Awards (2010 BOS too!)

Ed's Tale

to be added when Ed can figure out how to post to a website (eta 2018)

Billiam's Blog

It all started late one Friday afternoon back in the summer of 1988 when a number of co-workers had gathered in the warehouse for a couple of cold ones and a question was asked: "Hey Lou, you want a beer?" 

"No effen way man! You guys are crazy - I ain't drinkin' no friggin' fermented grass juice! Tssss....!"

Fast forward about a year and a half, Lou (still a stalwart dissenter) accompanied me to brew a batch of beer at a local Canadian Brewmasters (U-brew in Newmarket, ON), a now defunct establishment that provided the facilities and expertise to allow the everyday guy to brew his own batch of beer. I'm thinking that was probably the tipping point for Lou - in a very Peter-Parker-becomes-Spiderman kind of way, some radio active  "yeastie-beasties" must have gotten into him that day, which quickly spread to Lou's lifelong buddy Ed, and transformed the pair of them into the now BJCP accredited extreme brewing 'monsters' we know today.  Thus 'fermented grass juice' became part of our vernacular, and we still tease Lou about it today.

So in a way, this is all my fault ;-)

Much like the "5th Beatle", I'm the 3rd member of Beershack and have been brewing with Lou and Ed and attending home brewing events with them off and on for a few years now, and its always a blast.  What I learned about brewing back when doing the brew-on-site gigs barely scratched the surface of all there is to know about beer and brewing, and these gents are the real deal.  There are sooo many little (but important) details, and I learn many new things every time out.  Like the differences between two-row and six-row barley grains, what the malting process is, how the alpha acid rating relates to different levels of bitterness between hop varieties, why you should crack but not crush the grains used for mashing, the meaning behind specific brewing terms such as sparge and vorlauf, the criticality of hygiene/cleanliness throughout the entire process, how strict temperature control assures the proper breakdown of sugars, what a 'smack pack' is (and no, its not a score of heroin), the factors and flavour notes defining different beer categories and what constitute faults, the development of brew recipes and the diligent documentation thereof, the tools, methods and simple but highly effective brewing system they've developed, the growing and harvesting of hops... I could go on and on!!

It's no wonder Beershack beers have won such acclaim by various home brewing associations. I find the beers themselves to be very different from anything available commercially, even from local micro-breweries, and are generally (even the highly experimental ones) exceptionally interesting and delicious. Even the ones that I helped to brew! 

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to go enjoy that one ABA I have left in the fridge...